Music App for Teachers and Institutions

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Music App for Teachers and Institutions

Music lessons that enable students success

Are you a Music Teacher or work at an institution? then you are at the right place. MyTractice harnesses the benefits of modern technology to enhances the teaching experience of music educators like yourself, through an intuitive platform that provides a more personalized learning experience. Its smart technology enables students to work at their own pace with a built-in automated advancement and reward system.
It allows a teacher to easily evidence the relationship between a student’s effort and ability and provides a music teacher for the first time with valuable insights into an individual or class practice sessions. Additionally, teachers can see their students grading history, provide real-time feedback and proactively help each student meet his or her goal(s).

MyTractice enables a teacher to:

  • Easily set out their curriculum as stages, grades or levels
  • Create a more personalized learning experience for their students
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks, whether you have 10 or a 1000 students
  • Easily review in real-time the status of each student’s practice.
  • Easily see who is not achieving their practice goals and intervene if necessary
  • Provide real-time feedback to student queries
  • Easily access the previous grades of any student
  • Easily assess and assign a new student to their level that reflects their ability
  • Evidence the relationship between effort and ability

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