Set a Practice Goal

A clear goal gives you something to aim for every day supporting and provides psychological motivation to practice. Hence, setting a goal is a key requirement to using the Mytractice application.

Record your practice session

Being able to record and listen back to your practice and or a jam session, is key in a number of ways to your musical development. It can help you develop your analytical skills, as you get to hear and know what you really sound like, not what you think you sound like. It can make you aware of issues with your tone and phrasing that you somehow missed. That is why it’s a key feature of Mytratice.

Practice Regularly

Learning music requires a commitment to practice daily, which can sometimes mean cutting down on other activities, like watching TV and so forth. Doing so will enable you build the muscle memory and skill for success.

Take Short Breaks

Experts advise that it is best to take a short break after practicing for between 20-30 minutes

Find a location where you can practice uninterrupted.

It is important you have a set location where you practice daily without any distraction if possible.

Practice Journal

It is advised that you keep a practice journal so you can make a note of your accomplishments, challenges and your planned area or areas of focus.

Habits of successful musicians