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The Latest Update/Enhancements

May 7th, 2020 – MyTractice Desktop (Student Upload)

Mytractice just introduced the ability for Music Teachers to upload their students on desktops from their subscription page 

Jun 22nd 2019- MyTractice on iOS 

Mytractice is now available for iPhones and iPads on the App Store. To our users that have been wait for this announcement, we are grateful for your patience and support.

Dec 15th, 2018

The latest version of MyTractice now includes  several enhancements
1) a “Practice Scheduler”, which can be accessed through the “Track Practice Time” feature. As the name implies the “Practice Scheduler” enables you to set what you want to practice on the most suitable days of the week for a duration of your choosing.
2) When you pick the topic song you will now be able to indicate the Genre/Style which over time will build a library of your repertoire.
3) In the “Track Practice Time” feature we have now included a separate field to indicate the key of the song you are learning.
4) The pdf report generated through the “Overall Achievement” section of the Stat’s & Report has been redesigned to provide greater insights into your practice, this includes noting all the Keys you can play a song in.

MyTractice IOS version, Plans for 2018

Feb 12th, 2018

To iOS users, we have not forgotten you. Part of our plans for 2018 is the release of an iOS version of MyTractice before we begin building out the new music education platform that will roll out in 2019. There will be additional enhancements scheduled to follow the iOS release. We will post a release date as we get closer. However, if you would like to be notified when the iOS version becomes available, subscribe above.

MyTractice Launches their first native app for Android

Feb 7th, 2018

Omamo LLP launched its first product (MyTractice) in June of 2016 as a web application. Since it’s early start, the company has been working on enhancing their product and service for 2018 and beyond.

On their news feed the CEO, Enoh Itejere laid out the company’s plan for 2018 as they launched Mytractice as a native android app on February 7th, 2018. He also announced, that there will be an iOS version, but no date has been set.

Users of the web version will notice that beside the new design they’ve added a tone of new features that support music teachers, their students and individuals learning independently.  Some of the new features include being able to track your practice time while offline. The app also includes the ability for a teacher to set out their entire program/course and assign new and existing students to their level of proficiency. The app enables students to work at their own pace and provides real-time practice updates to their teacher.

Users learning on their own now have several additional features including setting reminders, tagging their practice, storing important information in their library and more.

“We are excited as a company about the future of music education and our role in advancing the way people learn and teach. Our focus as a company is not only to enhance the learning and teaching experience of teachers and students but to make it more efficient. This is the driving force behind all we do”

Press Release

Jan 3rd, 2018

As a company, we are excited about what we’ve accomplished so far and look forward to building an ecosystem that supports how each individual learns best.  Below are some of our upcoming projects.

Plans for 2018

Create a native Android version of MyTractice

Create a native iOS version of MyTractice

Introduce additional enhancements to existing features


Plans for 2019

Introduce new features for iOS and Android platforms

Recommission an enhanced version of MyTractice on the web

Launch a new networking community