Our Story

Our Story

Unlike a lot of people that start learning to play a musical instrument in their childhood, my musical journey began in my teen’s with a desire to learn how to sing. In my early 20s i relocated back to England, began having singing lessons and took up learning to play the saxophone, not long after i got married. It became a real challenge to balance working, pursuing higher education, starting a family and making time to practice daily.

I quickly realized that if I was to achieve my dream of becoming a very good singer and saxophonist, it was really important to use my limited practice time as efficiently as possible. I began looking for tools that would help me do so, turning to fellow musicians and music teachers for suggestions they would recommend, it quickly became apparent there was nothing. We all shared the same frustrations, but i guess the inefficiencies in the process had become an accepted part of the way things were.

After searching on and off for several years, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to create, what I and so many other musicians really needed to use our practice time more efficiently. In 2014 I shared my ideas with my brother who is in the technology business, and together we began the journey of bringing the vision to life.

Our single focus and passion is to continuously harness the benefits of modern technology to create a much more efficient learning and teaching experience. We are excited about the future and opportunity the journey ahead provides, to transform the music education landscape and better support how our minds learn best.

The Vision

Our Vision is for music education to be free of all inefficiency.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help each person learn how their mind learns best.

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